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My FIRST Johnny’s Concert!!!

So October 3rd 2020 marked the first time I finally watch a Johnny’s (online) concert.
Funny that it wasn’t Arashi, but I’m working on it. Definitely watch their incoming online concert this year!

So who took my V-card? ;)

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I’m hooked ever since 🌸🌼
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If Looks Could Kill

I’m currently watching “Ore no Sukato Doko Itta?”.
Has anyone seen it yet?
Honestly I’m watching this because of Nagase Ren, but really I think the whole story was great and it keeps me interested.

Anyway, I just should pause on Ep.5 and write this post first.
Because my inner high-school-girl (if she still exists) is screaming.

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so I have a BIG crush on this guy

Damn Covid19
Damn WFH

So I’ve been stalking Arashi for the past two weeks, catch up with their past activities that I haven’t seen yet, watching ALL of their youtube videos, and those uploaded by Johnny’s Official Youtube Channel.
I didn’t know Johnny’s has youtube channel.
Whoa, all those new group???
The last one whose debut I remember was Kis-My-Ft2!

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And now...blame it on “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE With YOU”, which also has Arashi on it of course...

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Yeah, I like those kind of guy.
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I mean, what can I say?
I thought for real that I’d be on hiatus (forever) from this fandom.

They say time to grow up
They say life happens
They say get real!

And then this social distancing thingy happens and who can I get back to if it’s not my boys, Arashi?

I mean, they’re the only idols I could feel so close to and never fail to cheer me up.
#since2007 💛💜💙❤️💚

Time to dig up my old videos and files.
Fangirl mode ON!
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2015: Page 1 of 365

So while everyone else are busy with their parties and fireworks,
this is what I'd been doing right at 00:00 AM of 1st January 2015:
Yep! Celebrating new year with Arashi and Kanjani8!
Yep! I had much fun and laugh XD
Yep! What a dork ;)

Once again, this fandom has saved me from loneliness.
My parents are asleep upstairs, and my boyfriend still away for work,
but since I have Arashi and Kanjani8, kitto daijoubu desu!

Anyway, I wish everyone a great year of 2015!!
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Japanese women and younger guys...What the hell??

This post contains spoiler, so whoever haven't finished watching Last Cinderella better not press the spoiler button.

[So I just finished watching Last Cinderella in less than a day]
I love the drama, that one is obvious seeing how fast I finished it. And I thank hemisofia who recommends it.
BUT I hate the ending!!
Or rather, I hate that Fujiki Naohito got his heart broken ="""(
I mean, look at him!
Last Cinderella ep11 finale.mp4_001914879
How handsome and gorgeous and cool and.....sad.

I don't get it. What's with japanese women and younger guys?
I've watched Kimi wa Petto and Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, both with the same genre.
Kimi wa Petto's ending is the same as Last Cinderella, and I don't mind because....well, it's MatsuJun ;)
And I know Last Cinderella also features Miura Haruma, so...I guess I could forgive the ending, because...
Look at him!
Last Cinderella ep11 finale.mp4_003349179 Last Cinderella ep11 finale.mp4_003361224
Absolutely hard to resist, huh? I get that. And also, I love the last kissing scene. So I figure, I don't really hate the ending.
But but but but...
Wouldn't you want the heroine end up with the older, kinder, more mature and selfless guy?

As for Kyo Wa Kaisha Yasumimasu...
I would definitely hate it if Ayase Haruka ends up with.....whoever that younger guy is.
Tamaki Hiroshi's character is definitely the more handsome, reliable, charming, and cooler one!
Just look at him!
Whoever can resist that lopsided smile??!!
Well not me <3

Oh God, I know the drama has ended, but I'm still waiting patiently for the hardsubbed videos, so i think i could still pray for Tamaki. Ganbare!!

By the way, since I finished Last Cinderella already, I'm thinking to continue watching Shitsuren Chocolatier.
I've watched it till the 7th episode, when I decided to root for Mizushima Kiko instead of Ishihara Satomi.
I love Ishihara, she's so so so so cute and all! But in this drama, isn't Kiko the better girl? And she looks good with Jun!
Hora, look at them!
Shitsuren Chocolatier 05.mkv_000532932
And how they kiss!
Kyaaaaaa~ XD
*I still think Inoue Mao is the best girl for Jun, though*

Anyway, because I thought that the ending would be different than what I prefer, I stopped watching.
I wonder, is it just me or does anyone else think as I do about those characters?
And i also mean about the ending preference of all the Jdoramas I mentioned earlier. How would you guys prefer it to be?

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November's Read

So I read in total of 22 books in November.
O.o Can you believe it???
I mean, between my work and everything, it's like i don't have social life between my house and office.

Well, I assure you that's not the case.
I mean, my boyfriend is working abroad and most of my friends are busy with their boy/girlfriends, and my brother is living out of town, but still.
I still have my social life.
Or don't I?
Sure I do.

It's just...I made it my goal to read 80 books in 2013.
Well, at first i set off with 24 but when i accomplished it earlier than i thought, i updated the number and then it keeps increasing.
I'm even thinking to make it to 90 till the end of the year.

Anyway, my goal of 80 reads is already accomplished by now!!! WOOHHHOOO!!!

These are some of the books I read these past three months:

And between them, here are my TOP 10:
1. That Boy by Jillian Dodd
2. That Wedding by Jillian Dodd
3. T is For He's a Total Jerk by Piper Shelly
4. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
5. Into The Deep by Samantha Young
6. Homecoming by Richelle Mead
7. Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker
8. Slow Burn by Nicole Christie
9. Falling For the Ghost of You by Nicole Christie
10. Awaken by Meg Cabot

If you haven't already guessed,
Yes, I'm into young-adults and chiklits.
So if anyone who reads this entry by any chance loves reading the same genres, please feel free to add my goodreads account here:

Tara Karina
Well actually, just add me if you have goodreads account as well, regardless your preference.
I'd love to get books recommendation ;)
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Highlight of Paradox

So i really love the Arashi's performance of P.A.R.A.D.O.X in Music Station.
Like, LOVE IT!
Guess which part i love most?
Come on it shouldn't be hard to guess.

Yep. It's this part

Guess who?

Yep! It's the same guy as the badass in Gantz.

Tee-hee ;)