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No! oh noooo!

geez, i really need to bite my tongue for saying "Never got into kpop!!"

the thing iss...
i really got into KPop recently!
well, not all of them.
i still dont like wonder girls,snsd,suju (yea,sorry),rain,and others....


I have to say that i really addicted to BIG BANG and 2NE1 recently!!
I mean, what do you guys think?
Don't you think they're....okay? ahahhaaa

 And i just explored google, searching for 2ne1.
and i was shocked!
Uhm, i know that there's one of 2ne1's member who's a teenager.
but i've never thought that she's THAT young! omg, 15 years old????
she's even younger than my second brother!
and her dance is amazing too!

Actually, i though Sandara is the one who's youngest of all.
I like her, btw. though i heard that she's not really good at singing.
but who cares? the others are good enough to cover her.  ;)

Btw, they have realeased their third single couple days ago.
It's called 'I dont care'.
sadly, i think it's not as good as the first and second single.
I personally prefer Lolipop [oh my, seung ri!!!] x)
But their first [mini?] album is good, really.
I suggest you guys to listen to 'Fire' [which was their second single], and 'In the club'

Oh well, guess i'll dig more info about them. and more songs too. and more PV [or MV in this case]

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