tararingo (tararingo) wrote,

it's been almost a year! o.O

hisashiburi minna!
gosh, it's been almost a year since i update my LJ!
i actually thought that i'll never update it again, but here i am! x)
well i dont even know why i do this.
maybe i'm just too excited?
maybe i just want to show off? LOL

actually i've just come back from Singapore abt two days ago.
My cousins force me to come with them and accompany them around.
at first, i was like..."okay...they want to go shopping, so what will i do then? just watch them and wander around? hell no!"
but then...i remember there are two places i've always want to go in singapore: Kinokuniya and HMV!

so i thought, I CAN BUY ARASHI's NEW ALBUM! and lot of books!
and with that thoughts, i agree to go.

Only, my dad didn't allow me to go shopping. -___-
so i have to dig my bank account and almost dry up my saving.

but i'm glad that i did go to singapore!
not only that met
[info]hemisofia and [info]k1ru , i also get lots of books AND bracelets AND necklaces AND earings!
no Arashi's new album though. i didn't have enough money to buy it. It's SGD 76,90 in HMV
Yes, i remember it clearly *sobs*

But whatever. i still get what i want. THESE THINGS!
my new books! x) accessories. cant get enough of them ;)

and thanks to
[info]hemisofia i got 20% off from Kinokuniya for these two books:

btw, remind me to ALWAYS go to Little India whenever i travel to Singapore,
because the price of these bracelets are really really....generous x)
bracelets from Little India
I bought a DOZEN of them for only SGD 3,50!!!!
i should have bought some moooorrreeeeeeeeeee!

I haven't read the books so far. In fact i plan to buy some more first.
because my holiday is too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!
from 22 may till 30 august, and the i'll get more holiday on september 8th-20th due to ramadhan.
so yeah, maybe i'll update again later, for what else could i do in a long holiday without money?
i guess i'll start to help my maid to wash the dish and cook. no promises,though... ;)

ps: i give up on LJ Cut. sorry if this post annoys you. didnt mean to spam :)

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