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I miss watching Pokemon!!!

I think the last time i watched Pokemon is when i was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school!
it's almost 10 years ago! and now i have a pika-syndrome! i miss pikachu and it's adorable voice so much! LOL!

so yesterday i met up with a friend of mine who has Pokemon's movie. He gave me about 7 of them. i was shocked!
i had NO idea that pokemon's movie has already been more than three! the last movie i saw is the one with Entei.
*i didn't really like it, btw. Pokemon first generation is the best ;)
But after watching the movie, i craved for the tv-series.... so i looked for them on the net. *thank you, google!
then i was surprised that it's reached the 13th season and still ongoing!!!
what the??? do i suppose to download those over 600 videos? -___- if only my internet connection isn't totally suck......
well i've just started to download the second season, so please just wish me luck ;)

btw, i saw this when i was surfing the net.

it's so sssoooo cute!!! i want it i want it i want it! for my christmas present, maybe?? Please santa clause! ^^
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