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finally a really nice song for nino!

oooooowww UPDATE!!

great, it's midnight now on weekday, but i'm posting a journal entry instead of doing my homework.......
.....and i just want to post that i looooove HATENAI SORA

am i nino-biased?
probably x)

well i think the song is pretty gooooooooood.
and what better is, i feel like the pv is kinda nino-centric *since it's for his drama*
so yes, forgive me for being biased x)

but... i dont really like DEAR SNOW, though...
so i think i'm not THAT biased ^^

and i like the one of the b-sides too, STORY.
idk, but my first impression of STORY is that it's kanjani8-ish.
lol, maybe i just listen to them too much since the release of their latest album, 8UPPERS ^^
have you guys wathced it yet? because it's a must-watch!!!
this is why!

OMG BADASSED RYO! could you NOT love him? *sigh*
and yet.....

ehm... okay, back to the main topic,

here's the part i love best from HATENAI SORA's pv ^^


so,... which is your favorite? *wink*
Tags: arashi, kanjani8, ninomiya kazunari, nishikido ryo
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