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My BIG Crush: Honda Keisuke ♡

I cant believe i haven't post anything about my baby, Keisuke Honda!
because i was drooling and fangirling and having a BIG crush on him this past month,
as the AFC Asian Cup 2011 took place and Japan played beautifully trough the matches.
*sigh, just look at him! how can I not love him? x)

well, okay... i've already been a fan of him ever since he scored the winning goal for Japan against Cameron on the World Cup 2010.
He was the Man of The Match twice on the World Cup and has scored 2 goals, excluding the penalty kick he scored against Paraguay.
His penalty and free kicks are amazingly great, and he is one of the legendary players at VVV Venlo (Holland), was known as Keizer Keisuke, and currently is the key player of FC CSKA Moscow (Russia).

He also scored the 1000th goal for Japan when he scored a penalty kick on January 13th 2011.
Rumor has it that Liverpool, Arsenal, Milan, and several other football clubs have tried to buy him over, but there are no official news about his transfer. But Honda stated himself that he actually always wants to play in Real Madrid, and hell yeah i wish his dream would come true eventually!! *it would be so much good to see him playing with Ozil and Alonso and Casillas! x)

okay, enough of his history x)

He's one of The Men of The Year 2010 according to GQ Magazine!

Honda as the cover of GQ Magazine, Febuary 2011 issue

He's been the Man of The Match again on this AFC CUP! TWICE!!
first was against Syria

second was against Korea Republic on the semi-final

All to his credit for being the play maker, though he just scored two penalty goals... ;)


and has successfully brought JAPAN to be the CHAMPION for the 4th time!!!

Omg, i'm so proud of him!
I wonder if there's an LJ Community dedicated to him, because i would definitely love to join!!!
I've been looking for it but as long as i know there's none. what a shame :(

Oh well, what matters is that Japan has been the champion again,
and i thank Jesus Christ for giving them whatever they need to be the winner. And for making my wishes come true =)
Now i pray that Honda and his team mates would be even better and could get better result on the next world cup in Brazil!
AMEN! o=)


maybe VS Arashi, along with his team mates? *i'd support them definitely. sorry, Arashi ;)
or Arashi ni Shiyagare?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! even Hasebe came once! x)
cause... look at him! he's kinda dork too! it would be cute seeing him playing around with Arashi members LOL!

well, whatever... best wishes for you, Kei-chan!

PS: credit pictures to Facebook Fan Page of Keisuke Honda, CSKA Moscow Fan Page, as well as Google search :)
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