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SALE: Magazine!

Minna-san~ I want to sell some of my Jhonnys [and non-Jhonnys] Magazine.
All from the year of 2008, and in the good conditon [75% - 95%]
*I always wrap them in the plastic after reading it*

some taeser...

Oh! But it's for Indonesian only. ^^


*if you buy more than one magazine ;)

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junon's teaser~

Comment here if you're interested, then I'll email you about the payment. ^^
thank you very much~

*harga blm termasuk ongkos kirim
*pembayaran dilakukan dengan transfer via BNI atau CIMB NIAGA

his messy hair

Ryusei~ ♥

Minna-san! have you opened google?
they said that there will be a meteor shower tonight!
It's called
Perseid Meteor Shower.

I wonder if i can see it from Indonesia.
cause, you know...
whats better to do alone in the middle of the night than watching meteor shower?
i mean, how much time in your whole life can you see meteor shower?
And I'm not even 20 yet...ahahaa.
so yeah, i think i will give it a try, wishing for some hilarious
shooting stars. (!_!)
anyone has the same idea with me? should we watch it together? hihii...♥♥♥

oh btw, photo credit to google image search. ^^

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his messy hair

a quick update

I'm watching nino in SCP!!
in my own TV!!
chooo ureshi! ^^

I mean, i missed Sho's SCP two weeks ago.
So i'm glad i can make it this time. x)

btw, here are some picture i took with my cellphone. hehe..

not a good screencap, i know.
but, what can i say? blame it to my cellphone. hehhehe~

Oopps~ the show isn't over yet!
*run back to to my TV*

Back! ^^
well, i can't  make any summary of this.
since i can't clearly understand what they were talking about.
guess they talked about his butai *of course*, America, Idol, and so much more. :)

But it seems really fun! i don't understand, but there were a lot of laugh.
so I'm looking forward to the subbed video.
onegaishimasu~ x)

his messy hair

No! oh noooo!

geez, i really need to bite my tongue for saying "Never got into kpop!!"

the thing iss...
i really got into KPop recently!
well, not all of them.
i still dont like wonder girls,snsd,suju (yea,sorry),rain,and others....

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Oh well, guess i'll dig more info about them. and more songs too. and more PV [or MV in this case]

his messy hair


i cant believe i make another entry tonight!
after saying that the previous one will be the last for months

Well, it just...can't help!
oke, sbenernya emang gue cuma mo pamer.

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Geez, nino's acting sugoi desu nee? :)