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After years of absence...


Wow. I just didn't think that i would ever update my livejournal again.
Since I lost my iPod (where i practically stored all of my Arashi-thingy),
and with me starting to work after finished collage, I've been so busy that I put a rest to the fandom.

But now that I found my iPod.....


All this time I thought it was stolen, it turns out it was actually hiding somewhere on my messy room!
And it's been there for more than a year! (Can you imagine how messy my room was?)
This iPod is the first gadget buy with my own (pocket) money after saving for months.
And this year it is already 5 years old but still good as new ='')

Guess which song/video I listened to after years of absence? There I gave you the clue! ;)
his messy hair

My BIG Crush: Honda Keisuke ♡

I cant believe i haven't post anything about my baby, Keisuke Honda!
because i was drooling and fangirling and having a BIG crush on him this past month,
as the AFC Asian Cup 2011 took place and Japan played beautifully trough the matches.
*sigh, just look at him! how can I not love him? x)

well, okay... i've already been a fan of him ever since he scored the winning goal for Japan against Cameron on the World Cup 2010.
He was the Man of The Match twice on the World Cup and has scored 2 goals, excluding the penalty kick he scored against Paraguay.
His penalty and free kicks are amazingly great, and he is one of the legendary players at VVV Venlo (Holland), was known as Keizer Keisuke, and currently is the key player of FC CSKA Moscow (Russia).

He also scored the 1000th goal for Japan when he scored a penalty kick on January 13th 2011.
Rumor has it that Liverpool, Arsenal, Milan, and several other football clubs have tried to buy him over, but there are no official news about his transfer. But Honda stated himself that he actually always wants to play in Real Madrid, and hell yeah i wish his dream would come true eventually!! *it would be so much good to see him playing with Ozil and Alonso and Casillas! x)

okay, enough of his history x)

He's one of The Men of The Year 2010 according to GQ Magazine!

Honda as the cover of GQ Magazine, Febuary 2011 issue

He's been the Man of The Match again on this AFC CUP! TWICE!!
first was against Syria

second was against Korea Republic on the semi-final

All to his credit for being the play maker, though he just scored two penalty goals... ;)


and has successfully brought JAPAN to be the CHAMPION for the 4th time!!!

Omg, i'm so proud of him!
I wonder if there's an LJ Community dedicated to him, because i would definitely love to join!!!
I've been looking for it but as long as i know there's none. what a shame :(

Oh well, what matters is that Japan has been the champion again,
and i thank Jesus Christ for giving them whatever they need to be the winner. And for making my wishes come true =)
Now i pray that Honda and his team mates would be even better and could get better result on the next world cup in Brazil!
AMEN! o=)


maybe VS Arashi, along with his team mates? *i'd support them definitely. sorry, Arashi ;)
or Arashi ni Shiyagare?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! even Hasebe came once! x)
cause... look at him! he's kinda dork too! it would be cute seeing him playing around with Arashi members LOL!

well, whatever... best wishes for you, Kei-chan!

PS: credit pictures to Facebook Fan Page of Keisuke Honda, CSKA Moscow Fan Page, as well as Google search :)
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finally a really nice song for nino!

oooooowww UPDATE!!

great, it's midnight now on weekday, but i'm posting a journal entry instead of doing my homework.......
.....and i just want to post that i looooove HATENAI SORA

am i nino-biased?
probably x)

well i think the song is pretty gooooooooood.
and what better is, i feel like the pv is kinda nino-centric *since it's for his drama*
so yes, forgive me for being biased x)

but... i dont really like DEAR SNOW, though...
so i think i'm not THAT biased ^^

and i like the one of the b-sides too, STORY.
idk, but my first impression of STORY is that it's kanjani8-ish.
lol, maybe i just listen to them too much since the release of their latest album, 8UPPERS ^^
have you guys wathced it yet? because it's a must-watch!!!
this is why!

OMG BADASSED RYO! could you NOT love him? *sigh*
and yet.....

ehm... okay, back to the main topic,

here's the part i love best from HATENAI SORA's pv ^^


so,... which is your favorite? *wink*
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I miss watching Pokemon!!!

I think the last time i watched Pokemon is when i was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school!
it's almost 10 years ago! and now i have a pika-syndrome! i miss pikachu and it's adorable voice so much! LOL!

so yesterday i met up with a friend of mine who has Pokemon's movie. He gave me about 7 of them. i was shocked!
i had NO idea that pokemon's movie has already been more than three! the last movie i saw is the one with Entei.
*i didn't really like it, btw. Pokemon first generation is the best ;)
But after watching the movie, i craved for the tv-series.... so i looked for them on the net. *thank you, google!
then i was surprised that it's reached the 13th season and still ongoing!!!
what the??? do i suppose to download those over 600 videos? -___- if only my internet connection isn't totally suck......
well i've just started to download the second season, so please just wish me luck ;)

btw, i saw this when i was surfing the net.

it's so sssoooo cute!!! i want it i want it i want it! for my christmas present, maybe?? Please santa clause! ^^
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it's been almost a year! o.O

hisashiburi minna!
gosh, it's been almost a year since i update my LJ!
i actually thought that i'll never update it again, but here i am! x)
well i dont even know why i do this.
maybe i'm just too excited?
maybe i just want to show off? LOL

actually i've just come back from Singapore abt two days ago.
My cousins force me to come with them and accompany them around.
at first, i was like..."okay...they want to go shopping, so what will i do then? just watch them and wander around? hell no!"
but then...i remember there are two places i've always want to go in singapore: Kinokuniya and HMV!

so i thought, I CAN BUY ARASHI's NEW ALBUM! and lot of books!
and with that thoughts, i agree to go.

Only, my dad didn't allow me to go shopping. -___-
so i have to dig my bank account and almost dry up my saving.

but i'm glad that i did go to singapore!
not only that met
[info]hemisofia and [info]k1ru , i also get lots of books AND bracelets AND necklaces AND earings!
no Arashi's new album though. i didn't have enough money to buy it. It's SGD 76,90 in HMV
Yes, i remember it clearly *sobs*

But whatever. i still get what i want. THESE THINGS!
my new books! x) accessories. cant get enough of them ;)

and thanks to
[info]hemisofia i got 20% off from Kinokuniya for these two books:

btw, remind me to ALWAYS go to Little India whenever i travel to Singapore,
because the price of these bracelets are really really....generous x)
bracelets from Little India
I bought a DOZEN of them for only SGD 3,50!!!!
i should have bought some moooorrreeeeeeeeeee!

I haven't read the books so far. In fact i plan to buy some more first.
because my holiday is too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!
from 22 may till 30 august, and the i'll get more holiday on september 8th-20th due to ramadhan.
so yeah, maybe i'll update again later, for what else could i do in a long holiday without money?
i guess i'll start to help my maid to wash the dish and cook. no promises,though... ;)

ps: i give up on LJ Cut. sorry if this post annoys you. didnt mean to spam :)

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SALE: Magazine!

Minna-san~ I want to sell some of my Jhonnys [and non-Jhonnys] Magazine.
All from the year of 2008, and in the good conditon [75% - 95%]
*I always wrap them in the plastic after reading it*

some taeser...

Oh! But it's for Indonesian only. ^^


*if you buy more than one magazine ;)

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junon's teaser~

Comment here if you're interested, then I'll email you about the payment. ^^
thank you very much~

*harga blm termasuk ongkos kirim
*pembayaran dilakukan dengan transfer via BNI atau CIMB NIAGA

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Ryusei~ ♥

Minna-san! have you opened google?
they said that there will be a meteor shower tonight!
It's called
Perseid Meteor Shower.

I wonder if i can see it from Indonesia.
cause, you know...
whats better to do alone in the middle of the night than watching meteor shower?
i mean, how much time in your whole life can you see meteor shower?
And I'm not even 20 yet...ahahaa.
so yeah, i think i will give it a try, wishing for some hilarious
shooting stars. (!_!)
anyone has the same idea with me? should we watch it together? hihii...♥♥♥

oh btw, photo credit to google image search. ^^

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a quick update

I'm watching nino in SCP!!
in my own TV!!
chooo ureshi! ^^

I mean, i missed Sho's SCP two weeks ago.
So i'm glad i can make it this time. x)

btw, here are some picture i took with my cellphone. hehe..

not a good screencap, i know.
but, what can i say? blame it to my cellphone. hehhehe~

Oopps~ the show isn't over yet!
*run back to to my TV*

Back! ^^
well, i can't  make any summary of this.
since i can't clearly understand what they were talking about.
guess they talked about his butai *of course*, America, Idol, and so much more. :)

But it seems really fun! i don't understand, but there were a lot of laugh.
so I'm looking forward to the subbed video.
onegaishimasu~ x)